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We are fundraising to continue providing healthcare services to those in need.

Imagine losing your job during the pandemic and with it your healthcare benefits. You and your spouse made too much money to qualify for Medicaid. You have type two diabetes and do not have the ability to pay $600 out of pocket for insulin. You need to follow-up with your healthcare provider because your blood sugar levels are not under control. And you are experiencing high levels of anxiety over this new financial and healthcare crisis.

There is hope.

Snake River Community Clinic helps fill the gap in healthcare. The clinic provides patient care services, giving people access to their life sustaining medications and social services resources until they can get back up on their feet.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide access to quality healthcare services for the underserved.

Action Statement:

  • Snake River Community Clinic strives to bridge the gap in healthcare for the underserved in the region by providing access to free and charitable healthcare services; including medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health; with resources for medications, laboratory testing, basic imaging, and social services.